Nordic oat drinks

Nordic oat drinks

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JÖRĐ oat drink

Questions about the products

What are plant based drinks?

Oat drink is a 100% plant based and dairy-free drink. Our new plant beverages are kept simple with just four organic ingredients from Nordic nature and no additives. They’re great for baking, cooking, or drinking plain as part of a healthy and varied diet.


Can I freeze the plant drinks?

If you’ve used plant drink in a freezer-friendly dish then yes, you can freeze it.


Can I use plant based drink in my milk frother?

Sure. You can make perfect froth for your coffee with all three oat drinks. Foamed oat drink is light and a bit more airy than milk, but it never splits whether you drink it hot or cold.

Which plant based drinks do you have?

Which plant based drinks do you have?

So far, we’ve made three plant drinks. They’re all based on oat with delicious varieties in barley and hemp.


Plantbased Cappuccino

Why don't you call it plant milk?

There’s a good reason for that - they are two different products. Plant drinks are always made of plants, while milk comes from a mammal. In 2017, the European Court of Justice decided that plant based products such as oat drink can’t be called ‘oat milk' or 'plant milk', so we can’t use those terms.


Is plant based drink more sustainable than milk?

Well, yes and no. Plant based drink is superior to milk when it comes to the environment, but sustainability is also about nutrients. For instance, a glass of water has a lower carbon footprint than our plant drink, but it’s not as nutritious. In the great scheme of things, it’s all about preserving the balance between our health and the health of our planet. So, it’s perfectly possible to take good care of the environment and still drink milk and our organic plant drink – also side by side.


How long does oat drink last in the fridge?

JÖRĐ plant drink will stay fresh for 42 days in your fridge unopened. Once opened, it should be used within 4-5 days. Our plant drinks always require refrigeration and must be stored at a maximum of 5° C.


Is plant drink healthier than milk?

That depends on how you define health. Is it measured in calories? Nutrients? Or whether it’s animal-based or plant based?

Milk is a good dietary source of necessary vitamins and minerals. And while you won’t get the same nutrients from a glass of oat drink, you will still get an organic, all-natural drink that tastes super delicious.

Whether you choose milk or plant based drink for a meal, a day or forever, you can still live healthy. They might be two different beverages, but both can be part of a healthy diet – also side by side.

Is JÖRĐ part of ARLA?

Is JÖRĐ part of ARLA?

Yes, we’re part of ARLA. But we’re also very much our own brand.

Several of our dairy farmers also grow oats, and with the rising demand for plant based products, it was only natural for ARLA to enter the market.

We already have a great deal of expertise and knowledge about plant based foods from existing products. That’s why we developed JÖRĐ plant drinks. For those who are not only one thing. Those with dairy allergies and for those who want it all.

Oat Drink From Nordic Nature

Think Nordic nature. A heavy rain and a summer breeze. A sunny day that lightens deepest winter. Ever changing. Unpredictable. Sharing its goodness to those who, like the seasons, live a lot of lives.

JÖRĐ is made by Nordic wind, rain and sun. Deliciously plant based for every single you.
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What are the benefits of plant based drinks?

The best thing about plant drink is that it’s completely unique. Whether you’re eating around dietary restrictions or simply looking for a new flavour, more fibres, or an organic option, it’s a great supplement or alternative to milk. Try is as creamer in your coffee or in a smoothie. You can’t really go wrong with this versatile beverage.


Is plant based drink vegan?

Yes, all JÖRĐ products are vegan certified. There are no animal products, by products or derivatives in our plant drinks.


How can I use plant drink?

You can drink it straight by the glass or use it in any recipe or dish that calls for milk.

Oat drink is amazingly delicious in coffee, in smoothies, overnight oats or in cereals, and it’s also an excellent addition to any cooking or baking recipes. It can really be used for anything. Just be creative and have some fun with it.